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In Addition to client services that are tailored to suit the needs of individual clients, VSI Research Division also provides daily reports that cover not only market forecasts and strategies, but also a recap of the previous day/week/month’s market movements.

Research is the foundation for everything we do for our Clients. From minute trading ideas and product-specific reports to in-depth market analysis, VSI Research focuses on delivering the highest quality reports and insights, aimed to help you make well-informed decisions in your trade. Clients may subscribe for delivery via e-mail or access our reports and analysis through VSI website.

Nico Omer Jonckheere joined Valbury in 2005 as a Specialist in Market Research and Equity Analysis and now holds the post of Vice President of Research Division. Mr.Jonckheere’s articles are often published in numerous newspaper and magazines-Kompas, Bisnis Indonesia, Investor Daily, Fortune Indonesia, Tempo, KONTAN, and Jakarta Post, to name a few. In addition, he regularly appears as an Economic Analyst and a Stockpicker in TVOnes, Metro TV, NMC Business Channel 95, Kompas TV and Berita Satu, and is frequently invited as Guest Speaker at various prestigious economic sminars.

The following are some of the periodic reports published by the Research Team :
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports

  • Up-To-Date Financial News

  • Corporate Information & IPO Highlight

  • Sector Performances

  • Technical Updates


VAS Daily News Research

download Daily News 19 / 04 / 2018
Thu, 19 April 08:04:27 WIB
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Wed, 18 April 08:26:00 WIB
download Daily News 17 / 04 / 2018
Tue, 17 April 08:18:29 WIB
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Mon, 16 April 08:10:40 WIB
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Fri, 13 April 08:27:28 WIB