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Valbury Online Trading (VOLT) is our online securities trading platform. With VOLT, you can monitor the stock market movements in real time and execute trades instantly as VOLT is connected to the Jakarta Automated Trading System (JATS) at the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

Advantages of trading with VOLT:

  • Secure trading. We uses fortinet system HA (High Availability) which is the standard in the banking and finance industry.
  • Integrated order forms for purhases, sales, cancellations and amendments.
  • Advanced Smart Order features that will not require you to be in front of the trading screen the whole day such as :
    • Stop Loss: allows you to specify a sell price to prevent further loss if market is in a downward trend. Order is usually valid for one day.
    • Take profit: allows you to set a target sell or buy price regardless of market conditions to make sure you would not miss out a set profit target.
    • Good Till Cancelled: you can use this feature to set a time limit on your orders (buy or sell), example: a sell order with a time limit of 10 days will be valid for 10 days or until the price matched the order.
  • Integrated Client Portfolio enables Clients to check their portfolio value quickly and accurately.
  • Up to date Research News by our Research team on top of the reports provided by Reuters.

Before you can start trading with VOLT, you have to have an account with us as well as an RDN and KSEI accounts under your name. You can find details about opening an account with us here.

Not confident about your trading skills? Try out our demo account! It is free and uses virtual money so you can run trading simulations with no risk.

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