PT. Valbury Sekuritas Indonesia
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VSI equity department provides brokerage services in stock transactions as well as other types of products traded on the Indonesian stock exchanges, to our retail and institutional investors in the domestic and international market. As one of the most prominent brokerage institutions in our domestic Indonesian market, VSI is commited to providing the best services supported by our vast networks and competitive commission to our valuable investors.

Through our 16 VSI branches in Java, Kalimantan, and Sumatra, we have been long acknowledged as one of the brokerage companies with the best networks throughout the Indonesian archipelago. Aside from this superior network systems, VSI boasts exceptional personnels with outstanding experiences in the stock market. Our staff are always professionally trained to serve our clients and potential clients in all aspects of equity investing. VSI also provides information needed by investors through our superior information technology and communication infrastructures. 

VSI actively participates in promoting the development of Indonesian stock market systems by working mutually with Indonesian Stock Exchanges, University level institutions and other related organizations. Through these combination of talents and entities, we have successfuly pioneered the creation of “Indonesian Stock Exchange Corner” (Pojok Bursa Efek Indonesia) at many University level institutions throughout Indonesia. These mutually beneficial joint efforts are developed to promote investment in the Indonesian stock market through direct socialization with potential academic candidates and general public.