PT. Valbury Sekuritas Indonesia
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Corporate Information

Welcome to PT. Valbury Sekuritas Indonesia (VSI). PT. Valbury Sekuritas Indonesia previously named PT. Valbury Asia Securities, was established on February 22, 2000. VAS is a brokerage investment company that focuses its business on the equity and bond market. We provide various brokerage services on equity and bond trading and investment, as well as asset management services, for our clients. As a trustworthy financial institution with proven records in the equity and bond market, we understand thatevery client has specific goals in investing so we provide our clients with top notch services that tailored specifically for each client.

In addition to providing brokerage services in the equity and bond market, we constantly try to find new ways to improve and expand our services, and we always develop more innovative products for our potential clients. All of our services can be accessed in all our 16 branches that spreaded out throughout the major cities in Indonesia. In order to support our commitments to our clients, both retail and institutional, and in conjunction to creating a synergized business development throughout our organization, VSI is commited to improving the quality of our human resources and technology infrastructures.

At VSI, we always strive for excellence, and we will always put our best efforts to reach our clients’goals.

VSI will always be your best friend in meeting your investing needs. We hope to accompany our clients in realizing their investment dreams in the equity and bond market.


Trading with us

Benefits of investing through us

  • Trustworthy Integrated network services and facility systems

  • Organized and standardized admistration systems

  • Competitive transaction fees

  • Competitive interest rates to facilitate margin transactions

  • Experienced and dependable staff with strong sense of professionalism and dedication

  • Superior company’s liquidity

  • Vast network of services with 16 branches throughout Indonesia

  • Reliable risk management and compliance systems